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Will a MiFi power a PS3?


Hello Y Comm,

I was wondering as the title implies if a MiFi hot spot could power a PS3 data connection. In my house we have Internet but since we have like 4 computers, 4 iPods, a tablet and 3 wifi enabled phones and my PS3 the connection and speed for each device is pessimistic (and 8 out of 12 are connected most of the day and night). Anyways due to that and the fact the the person who pays the Internet doesn’t want to upgrade makes it extremely difficult for my PS3 to connect and play online or download content (my friend downloads about 500mb in 20 minutes mine takes 2-3 hours). Constantly I find my self losing connection and not being able to download content because it either takes hours, it doesn’t connect or it disconnects midway. I thought about upgrading the Internet we have at home and pay myself but why upgrade for the person who originally doesn’t want to pay. So I tough about using a MiFi device to connect my PS3 so I can play online and download content. Anyways my question is if I will be able to use the MiFi for internet connection mostly for online play. If I can which one will work best? By the way my system is fine it did get repaired but for the disc reader it broke.

PS sorry for it being so painfully long


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  1. it’s not fast enough to play ps3 games online and probably can’t be accessed to open ports and allow access properly.

    psn games use a lot of bandwidth and if you have under 5mbps you’ll lag a lot.

    you’d also be spending a lot for usage , you probably would go through a month worth of usage in a few hours

    you’d be better off getting another line for internet and pay it yourself , instead of relying on a parent that has to pay the rent and bills to keep you in a home

  2. That depends on what speed you’re getting from the MiFi. Since LTE is a thing you could potentially have plenty of bandwidth. The only thing is that MiFis come with extremely limited data and using too much is financially disastrous.

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