Home Videos Using the PS3 & Xbox 360 in 2017

Using the PS3 & Xbox 360 in 2017


Using the PS3 & Xbox 360 in 2017

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  1. I own both and in 2017 is still the same in 20 more year's also recommended on both, call of duty. Not was, it's hell hack

  2. You made the ps3 sound worse when in reality the ps3 is better even though I rather play on PC I have a shitty one and no money so I'm stuck with a ps3

  3. Wow. Playing old titles on the 360 that were made for the 360 no shit their good, because they were made for the 360.

  4. I've actually gone backwards. Been bulk buying ps3 games since they're so dirt cheap now. Its still bearable to play ps3 these days. . so long as you're playing on a cheap 32 inch 1080p tv. anything bigger and it will look like utter crap. going from my gaming pc or ps4 pro on my 55 inch 4k tv to a ps3 on my 32 inch 1080p isn't all too bad. It holds up well for an old af console.

  5. sliding door was actually smart. may not look great but easier to take the disc out and in case of power outage you can still get it.

  6. Be great to catch up on some gaming for these consoles but i always been a PC gamer… Wanna try these games but still stuck playing counter-strike go and lol.

  7. Well, you don't open a PS3 from the top dumbass. There's a button for it to slide open. I use to slide mine, then when I figured out the button was there my shit was already fucked up from me sliding it open with my hand.

  8. ps3 is the last console I plan on buying and i bought it a few months ago paying to use your own internet is retarded so I'm gonna upgrade my laptop to a much more powerful one and play my steam games instead of dealing with there pay walls

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