Home Xbox Forum should i buy skyrim for xbox?

should i buy skyrim for xbox?


does it have multi player? im too lazy to check

a couple things about oblivion that i didnt like was how linear it was. i hated doing the same quests on another character because i wanted him in the smae guild ect.

another thing was the leveling system, how you had to write down and track your levels to get the right character you know? i found that annoying and pointless that actually the reason i quit playing it

does skyrim have these same issues? or is it all better


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  1. you should buy skyrim its worth the money and the leveling system is much better and it has better graphics and there is much more content in the game, over all this is a much better than oblivion and one of the best games i’ve played (but thats my opinion)

  2. Yes, it is amazing. Their are hundreds of mission/quests, better and oblivion and fallout put together!

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