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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Video Review


Small but crucial improvements make PES 2016 a thrilling game of football.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Video Review


  1. This is the best PES ever. The gameplay is so good, it hurts. I only wish more real teams and leagues were included. If they were, this game would be a 10/10!!

  2. I bought the full game of this after downloading the free version of pes 2016 my club on ps4, I've never until then played a football game I found myself playing it so much I thought I'd buy the full game, I'll be getting Pez 2017 next amazing game, can not compare to fifa coz not played it

  3. This is a brilliant addictive game. The only fault is that the keepers are weak which results in some cheap goals.

  4. I'm a PES follower but any critical player would realise that the game has flaws and the shooting, no matter what settings are made you'll score 95% of the times. It's so bad that goals become redundant giving you that FIFA feeling. You know it's bad when that happens.

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