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Can A PS3 run the GTA: San Andreas Game?



  1. If your PS3 is one the early Backwards Compatible models model then it should play GTA San Andreas! If your PS3 isn’t BC then it won’t play any PS2 games!

    If your PS3 has 4 USB ports is 20GB, 60GB or the 80GB Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle models then it’ll play PS2 games!

  2. This would lead us the the question of “Can my PS3 play a PS2 game” since the GTA: San Andreas is a PS2 game.

    The PS3 has many models and only some of the models can play PS2 games.

    The easiest way to figure out if your PS3 can play PS2 game is if see if your PS3 has 4 usb ports and media card slots, if it does, then your PS3 can most definitely play PS2 games.

    All PS3s made after the PS3 MGS4 Bundle cannot play PS2 games. Thus we can conclude from this statement that all PS3s made after June 2008 Cannot play PS2 games. Also after June 2008, Sony stopped making PS3s with 4 usb ports and media card slots.

  3. not unless its a 60gb backwards compatible, 4 usb port ps3. the rest don’t have the backwards compatible part as sony said it was too expensive.!

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