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You Don’t Know Jack – Reviews


Alright guys, we are back in business with the game reviews. This week we have the brand new You Don’t Know Jack that just came out February 8th 2011 for the xbox 360, playstation 3, and the Nintendo wii and DS.

You Don't Know Jack Review Xbox 360, PS3, Wii 2011


  1. @mallraider75 > Haha, wow good eye! What are the chances! I always wondered if people you play with online ever stumble across videos of themselves that may have been recorded by someone else doing a video or review.

  2. @2rude > There are 73 pre-detirmined episodes of 10 questions + the Jack attack with each round. No episode has the same question twice, but once you play all the episodes, then that's it. However, they always release add on packs called "jack packs" for only 400 points, which consit of 10 additional episodes. So that's another 100 questions for 4 bucks basically. They are already up to jack pack 4. So for a base rate of $30 for the game, I think it's pretty worth it even without the DLC.

  3. @ruffamaryders > Finally, someone appreciates/comments on the intro. Thank you sir! It was defiantly the best part of the video.

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