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Xbox one store, uk and us differences


Xbox one store, uk and us differences

Xbox One X Reveal * Should you upgrade?

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  1. I think Microsoft is dumb, this is how it should go

    360, hmm a full circle

    oh wait, nvm

  2. If the Xbox improves download speed I will buy it, because the Original Xbox One had like 5 Mbps download speed, I am expecting speed above 100 Mbps, is that too much to ask??

  3. No. Just no. If you want better graphics than get a gaming pc. The Xbox one X can run in 4K but new pc parts are being able to run in 8K.

  4. The only Xbox I ever played on was 360 and I fucking loved it when I was little bit I got a PS4 for Christmas last year I like it but I wish I had an Xbox one but now I'm glad I waited cause I told my mom I need this for Christmas I even gave her money I saved so she could use it to save it up to buy this work of Art

  5. I only have one reason is because I already have Xbox One.And do not need Xbox One X to play the new game And there's no Xbox One X exclusive. Do I need to say more?

  6. The 360 came out in 2005 and the One came out in 2013… the 360 was out for about 8 years. Once the X comes out the One wouldn't have even been out for 4 years. I got my 360 in about 2008, and still have it, then in about 2011 or 2012 the One was announced. I got my One in 2015, and then the X was announced a year later.
    That's just grrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaat.

  7. I am currently saving up for this and a 4K SONY OLED w/HDR… damn i cant wait to see how badass it will look

  8. I'm just disappointed that they're focusing on 4K. I'd rather they focus on how games run in general like frame rate.

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