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Where do I get ps3 memory cards?



  1. ps3 consoles save ps3 games to the hard drive and ps1 games to a virtual memory card created on the hdd , they don’t need memory cards

    early 60 gig systems can use various flash cards to copy photos and such but new ones don’t have card readers. they can use a usb flash drive or external hdd for backups or media files or upgrade the internal hdd – instructions are in the manual

  2. The PS3 uses a hard drive just like a laptop, not memory cards. If you want to upgrade your HDD then you will need to buy a 2.5″ SATA with 5400rpm (these are laptop drives) no other specs will work, but you can get any size in terms of Gigabytes (i.e. 250, 320, 500 etc.).

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