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Used Xbox One Console! | EB Unboxes


Used Xbox One Console! | EB Unboxes

OFFICIAL: Xbox One will support used games!

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  1. Thanks for the video! Makes me way more confident about buying a refurbished console from EB 🙂

  2. orange light is completely shut down not sleep mode.  light stays white in sleep mode.  charge cable also does not sync controller to system.  charge cable is included because most systems still include a year 1 controller that can only be updated if it is plugged in.

  3. what about Tom Clancy's The Division cause it is said that it is an online only game meaning there might be log-in key specific for the disc i ask because i saw a second hand one from e-bay i wanted to buy it but i just want to make sure that i can use that game even if its second hand.

  4. well it's 2016 and the xbox one elite bundle with SSHD makes it wayyy better than the ps4 + I'm getting the kinect too

  5. this change my mind immensely I was going to buy a ps4 because I believed that the Xbox needs online 24'7 and I can't play a game my friend let me borrowed but now that Microsoft has changed this I can buy an Xbox one .

  6. the very fact that microsoft even thought about these terms and conditions in the first place is sooo fucked up……it shows how they only care about what they can get out of your pocket……i mean comeon, i buy a game but i dont own it (coz i can resell it) ????? very bad ethics microsoft

  7. I had a 360 and sold it..
    I got the ps4 for these reasons.
    Now I'm thinking of buying an xbox one but still not sure…
    If I bought a new xbox do I need to buy xbox live, one for me and one for each of my kids, so they can play with there mates..

  8. It's funny that they thought they would get more money not supporting used games. Now they support used games not because of the community, but because they saw less profit

  9. so my cousin wants to give me his cod ghost so i can just install it onto my console without paying any frees or anything?

  10. good try Xbox One team but I returned my Xbox One and got PS4 for that reason only, now is it worth getting it back…..?!

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