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Playstation 2 Region Code Question?


I live in Russia but I’m gonna play Japanese games only (as well as mostly watch Japanese Blu-rays with some rare exceptions). Not gonna buy it in the store here for sure, gonna buy it off ebay or something, since here it’s unreasonably pricey.

Which region code do I need to buy – NTSC or PAL? What are other things I need to look out for?

Thank you

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  1. japanese region games are ntsc(j) coded , that’s different than nstc north american games and they only play on a japanese model or chipped console that has been modded to play japanese games

    japan is region 2 ntsc(j) , russia is region 5

  2. PlayStation 3 games are region free so any console will work fine, however bluray films are not. If you wish to watch Japanese bluray’s you will need a Japanese console.

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