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I need help with PS3/Bluray?


Alright so I have a 1080 and I connected the HDMI cable and stuff, the videogames work excellent but when I try to play a bluray movie the voice sound doesn’t work. like if everyone in the movie was mute, i can hear all other sounds in the movie, cars, door opening, explosions etc. What can I do?
First I was using a surround sound and the voice didn’t work and then I switched to the TV and the voice still doesn’t work

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  1. All the background sounds and music work but not the voice?

    THen first make sure the settings for sound are enabled and that you have selected the right output for the ps3 in the settings -sound settings – area (hdmi or optical, or av etc.) Next make sure everything is enabled to match your tvs specs are under BD settings in the ps3 settings menu.If all else fails it’s the disc.

  2. Sounds like your center channel speaker isn’t working. Are you using a surround sound or just your TV for audio?

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