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Bejeweled 3 (PS3) Lightning high score 873k


My current high score on the PS3, Lightning mode. At the moment in the top 1000 leaderboard, #706 to be exact. This was one of my very early rounds on the PS3, I’m a big fan on the iPhone version though.

Bejeweled 3 (PS3) Lightning high score 873k


  1. i just need 2 more trophies to get 100% one of them is this one and the other is to get gold or higher on all the badges… i doubt if i ever get it though

  2. Yea finally hit over a million on Lighting…havent hit a million on any of them except lightning….as well as blazing speed. Just got to master Blizzard now.

  3. so how tough is tihs on the ps3? i love playing it on google chrome but it messes up often

  4. Ahha! This is what you were up to last night. I figured you had the family round or something 🙂 Dunno whats going on but it's all very pretty.

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