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Let’s Play LA Cops – Xbox One Gameplay – YOU’RE A LOOSE CANNON, BORLAND


Let's Play LA Cops - Xbox One Gameplay - YOU'RE A LOOSE CANNON, BORLAND


  1. Yo,you can't just put handcuffs on them and say you arrested them!! It's illegal if you do it without telling them their rights.But it's how cops doing it these days  I guess 🙁

  2. So this really is what gaming is. An original game releases and other games TOTALLY rip them off, receive praise and we just enjoy them.

  3. Andy's strategy: Cop 1 to Cop 2 at the door to badguy hq. Cop 1, "alright guy, you stand here while I go in and kill like 8/15 bad dudes for…law breaky…stuff, then come kill the rest of em after they inevitably shoot me" Cop 2, "oh so, like, lapd detective standard operating procedure, cool beans." Cops high five, cop 1 enters door, cue gratuitous gunfire noises and screaming.

  4. Is a shame you guys can’t play hotline miami. It would be definitely awesome. Even though, this video is great. Nice job

  5. I keep expecting Murphy to get blown to smithereens and then come back as a badass cyborg that's out for revenge. Why is there no decent modern RoboCop game yet?

  6. In what world do they send two cops to take down an entire warehouse of criminals? Isn't that what SWAT teams are for?

  7. These guys have mastered the art of stealth arresting from battlefield hardline. FREEZE!!!! SSSHHHH!!!!

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