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Devil May Cry 4 – Gameplay 1 – Xbox360/PS3


Devil May Cry 4 - Gameplay 1 - Xbox360/PS3


  1. now thats a badass gameplay, but the grep is there to be used im kinda sad that u used it only to pass through the lvl :S

  2. @PanMakaron i believe you. but if your doing drugs, and you're 88, i don't think you've got much longer to live.
    Nah, actually, pretty much everyone on youtube lies about their age, your probably 16-23 years old or something.

  3. @PanMakaron yeh, i've seen videos of Mortal Combat. it did look brutal. But fighting games like that get boring pretty quickly… i'll look at your channel now… woah, you're from poland and your 88 years old XD

  4. @PanMakaron I don't care whether or not Australia gets Mortal Combat.
    Mortal Combat is a good fighting game, but there are better games than that.
    uh, thanks for looking at my channel.

  5. @PanMakaron wait… how did you know i was from Australia, did you look at my channel or something.
    and apparently we're going to get R18+ games here soon 😀

  6. @summyshark 20 minutes to the closest game store, big ass spiders, censorship…stay classy, Australia. Well, what can I say? Just try. Maybe you'll find a PS3, one day.

  7. @PanMakaron Not wher ei live, i have to take a 20 minute drive to ge to a store with one of those.

  8. @summyshark So, what do you mean- these things cost money? Just find a friend with a PS3 and play some games.

  9. @PanMakaron no, although, i used to burn PS2 games, but when i got the 360, i couldn't find a burning program for the games, so i buy and play original games, however my Xbox is Modified/Chipped and because of the antipiracy2.5 thing, i can't play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, CoD Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2, and also Halo Reach. but all of those games are Legal and original versions, not pirated.

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