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Xbox Live Microsoft Points?


How do you buy Xbox Live Microsoft Points from your Xbox?

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  1. Easiest way I can explain how to do it is to attempt to buy something from the Xbox Live Marketplace, such as a game. If you do not have enough points to make the purchase, a screen will pop up displaying several options, one of which is “add microsoft points.” Select this, then choose your method of payment. Be ready with a credit card and its billing information as you will need this to make your purchase. Once you have entered in all of the credit information, you select the amount of points you want and pay for them with said card. You only have to enter the credit card information once as it saves it for you.

  2. The Baron that is a lie u can buy it off xbox i used 2 have my credit card info on it but guess what i deleted it with out any trouble

  3. try to buy something that needs microsoft points and if u dont have microsoft pionts it will ask u to buy some

  4. I get them for free from [url is not allowed]

    Rewards1 is the only offer site that has ever worked for me. Seriously I make about 2 dollars a minute on that site. I get all my microsoft points from there. Most of the offers you dont even need to complete to get the credit also.

  5. First off.

    Don’t buy Xbox point through your xbox.

    Just go buy a card from gamestop or walmart or wherever.

    If you buy points using a credit card on xbox live you will never be able to erase you credit card info and risk having your info misused.

    Trust me it happens alot.

    I suggest the same for buying your xbox live gold account.

    JUST BUY THE CARD and enter the code.

  6. Try to buy something. It will come up and say you don’t have enough points. Press X, and it’ll take you to the area where you can buy points. Put in your credit card information and you’re all set.

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