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xbox live game download question?


okay so i bought castlevania: symphony of the night on my previous xbox live account, and then i created a new account and it will not let me play it, is it ONLY playable on the first account? or is it possible to transfer ownership of the game on my xbox?

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  1. No. You can only play the game on the account you downloaded it to. It’s in the terms & conditions that most people don’t bother reading. The only exception is free content of course.

    It’s a safety feature designed to stop pirating. It may suck for people in your situation, but in the grand scheme it does more good than harm. Though there are mods that allow you to bypass this. But then you are just replacing one problem with another. Modding is like driving without insurance. It’s all great if nothing happens and you’re careful, but when the s*t hits the fan you could lose it all.

    So either download again or recover your old ID and rename it (unless it’s banned, then you’re sc*w*d, sorry.)

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