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Xbox 360 Repair Tips


Microsoft has sold around eleven and a half million Xbox consoles around the world and has only recently faced up to the fact that there may be problems with just about all of them. It is thought that the release date for the consoles was set to early and not enough testing had been done to ensure a good quality product was hitting the shelves. Whether or not this is true makes no difference to owners of faulty units that are left frustrated when things go wrong.

When sending the console back to the factory for repair many people have reported a wait of up to a few weeks for their machine to be returned and facing bills of up to one hundred and fifty dollars and in some cases the repairs are not even guaranteed. This is not very fair on the owner when most problems can be traced back to a design fault in the first place.

The consoles ability to dissipate built up heat has been severely criticized and the cause of most problems can be traced back to this issue, including the infamous ‘red ring of death’ where the normally green lights on the front turn to flashing red and render the console unusable. With this in mind the first thing to do is to ensure that the air vents have an unrestricted flow of air around them and the suggested place to use the console is on an upturned box in the middle of the room to be sure that there is a good amount of airflow around it. Try this after the console has cooled down for an hour or so, but if the problems persist you will need to look further into the problem.

The good news is that there is an alternative to having to wait weeks for a return and having to spend more money on a machine that has already cost you a few hundred dollars. The answer is to repair the console yourself with the help of a good repair guide. A complete and effective repair can be made easily from home when you have the right information and there is no need to feel overwhelmed by such a job. The best repair guides come complete with written instructions and videos of the entire process making any repair a breeze to complete.

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Submitted On February 24, 2008Console SystemsDo you own an Xbox? Are you having issues with red lights, overheating, freezing or the discs getting marked while in use? If any of these problems sound familiar read on to find out what you can do about it without spending a fortune.xbox 360 repair tips,how to repair xbox 360,xbox 360 repair yourself,xbox 360 console repair

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