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I started to wonder if my 20gb Xbox HDD would work when plugged into the console’s USB port and it didn’t recognize it.So I clicked on the new option to format it as a usb flash drive accidentally. This somehow made my drive unusable to my Xbox. So, in a panic I plugged the drive into my computer and reformatted it to a FAT32 drive. how do I get it to work with my 360 again? I know that there will be nothing on it, but can I at least get it to work again?

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  1. My son has done this too with his 120gb drive. If I find an answer I’ll post it here for you. This is a big problem and I dont think you’ll be the only one. I am phoning MS tomorrow.

    Update, there is nothing you can do about it using the XBOX. Once its been formatted its not going to work again. They offered to replace the drive free of charge but only with proof of purchase and because its an ebay drive thats not an option.

    The only way you can recover the disk is to use a tool called HDDHACKR and reflash the original firmware back onto the drive. You have to take the drive apart to do this.

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