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XBOX 360 Guitar Hero 2 Question?


One of my friends claims that you can upload your own songs onto your XBOX 360 and that it will determine the guitar notes automatically and allow you to play these songs. I told him you can’t do that because that’s really technologically advanced, but you can download songs from the online marketplace that Microsoft put on there, but he disagreed because he believed what one of my other friends said about it. Just back me up and tell me that you can’t do this, because it is pretty impossible and something like that would cost a lot more money and time to develop.


  1. Even is this is possible in some way w/ computer programs and stuff, your friend is STILL WRONG. You cannot just upload and get the songs automatically programmed for you. That is ridiculous.

  2. That’s not true becuse the creators of the game have to program the songs and notes to “mesh” together, the timing also has to be rythmnatically correct, it takes a lot of prgramming to make notes for a song, it doesn’t just pop up.

  3. You can do it! Go to youtube. There is a tutorial on how to edit files and create your own tunes.

    Your friend is right.

  4. You CAN’T upload your own songs on the Xbox 360 version. You can buy them off the marketplace. Hackers have been able to take the Playstation 2 version and make their own songs. You need the larger PS2 and some programs you can download off the internet, and a good computer.

  5. You’ve already got the correct answer, but I just want to chime in and agree that your friend is ignorant. 🙂


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