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WWE 2K17 Review


WWE 2K17 Review

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  1. 2k built a horrible game the online game play is lackluster and if you're playing against people who a running glitches even on next Gen good luck with the counter system the game is horrible.

  2. This WWE 2k17 is the best wrestling i have played so far. Though my best game before this was HERE COMES THE PAIN, but after that this game seemed much smoother and great. Specially the camera angle when you are outside the ring. Older games was so difficult to play due to blocks and camera angle when you were outside the ring. Overall, this games tweaks and improvement and bigger roster type along with good adjustments in mini games is a good thing. For me 9.5 out of 10

  3. Anyone have a recommendation for the best ps3 wrestling game that features pre-2000 classic superstars? I'm really looking for an all-legends game but I'm pretty sure there hasn't been one since Legends of Wrestlemania, which I have already. Thanks!

  4. WWE HCTP is the best! honestly I stopped play all current wwe 2k when they change the gameplays and the controls from the hctp. I totally miss that 🙁

  5. This is the first WWE game I've looked at since Here Comes the Pain. It almost looks as if they've gone backwards!

  6. They got 2 brands again ffs. Bring back GM Mode (SvR 2006-8) and add all the damn match types back from 2k14. Damn Yukes & Visual Concepts are so suffering from Madden syndrome. They have been for years. At least when THQ was doing them, they tried to keep being innovative and had the best games in the series.(HCTP, 2006, & 2007 being the best) Glad there's no showcase. That got stale after 2k14's 30 years of Wrestlemania. Mostly the reasons I didn't bother buying 15, or 16, but not replacing it with something else was not a smart idea. Guess I won't be picking 2k17 up either even though I started bothering watching WWE again.

  7. Guys this game has recently released on pc… Please tell me if this game is worth buying for multiplayer only, not concerned with sp at all 😀

  8. I had a question about the game you didn't answer in ur vid. Does escaping a pin involve rapid button mash? Button timing? Or can you toggle it to choose what u prefer?

  9. haven't bought a wwe game since 2010… i wish THQ still made them… i just think it looks to cartoony and arcady . just meh i dunno

  10. guys now im hpy with 2k16 should i need to get 2k17 becoz rating wise 17 has got lower score than 16 plz guide me guys…

  11. please bring back the simple controls and gameplay of PS1's Smackdown games on new WWE games.

  12. The character models for some wrestlers like British Bulldog & Brian Pillman are awful. The match types are so limited compared to earlier games. My Career is meh, universe mode can't be edited like 2k16 eg. you cant set your own rivalries manually. The backstage environment is so small, the commentary is too repetitive and often wrong e.g. call the women 'him' or ''he'. Only bonus is the crowd fighting but even that is restricted to Venue 1. Futhermore it crashes! That never happened to me on 2k16 — Awful game id give a 3/10

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