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World of Tanks PS4 – STOCK TIGER 2! – Road to Tier Ten


World of Tanks PS4 - STOCK TIGER 2! - Road to Tier Ten


  1. im new to youtube i post kill shots videos of my own that i make. if you would be so kind to have a look everyone is welcome. thanks

  2. can anny one give me tips on this thing i have just bought it and i have 0 upgrands on ps4 and i only get in tier 9 games with it…. so i cant get xp lol

  3. I have trouble playing my tiger II on xbox one, and I am asking for any pointers, because it seems to be the same story as the tiger 1, no matter what you just get penetrated except for an angled upper hull.

  4. Your posting these humble games has endeared me to you guys. It's nice to see good players have the same type of games we all get. Carry on gentlemen. 🙂

  5. Thanks for keeping it real, Ben. Seems every time I get a new tank my enthusiasm is quickly tempered by a 7 game losing streak (or 13. Whatever. Shut up, I know I'm trash) before I can upgrade a few bits. Also, being in tier IX and X battles in a tier VIII isn't much fun so I'm hiding in the V-VI-VII tiers to boost my confidence and improve tactics.

  6. Regarding the last battle in your video, there are sooo many teams lately capping for the win when they could easily eliminate the red team for more damage and kills, resulting in more XP and credits. You finding the same thing happening on the EU Server?

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