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Will xbox live make my internet lag?


ok so, my ethernet cord is hooked up to my brothers wireless router which gives me internet on the xbox. If he is on the pc, and i am on the xbox playing online, will the internet lag for him, me, or for both of us?
I have a labtop that also uses my brothers wireless internet. Wonder if that will cause even more lag, 2 computers and xbox live, man i gotta get the T1 connection! 😀

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  1. depends on how many MBPS you have. I have 4-6, I am also on a wireless connection. At times 3 computers, and my xbox are on the internet. I usually have a good connection. Its hardly noticeable. At times ill have a horrible connection for a while. If you have the average 1.5 MBPS then yes, you and your brother will both lag. you will notice it more if you’re playing a fps

  2. It all depends on what your brother is doing on the internet. You on the xbox won’t lag the pc, but if your brother is say.watching videos or downloading big files then you will lag.

    That’s why I only play xbox when my brother is not home so I don’t lag!

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