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Will GAME replace my ps4?


I found faint scratches on the gloss bit of my Ps4 it may seem like i’m being a little fussy but at the end of the day I’ve paid for the product. Since i’ve already opened it and played it(i noticed when i was playing on it) would they still give me a replacement?
Also, would i need to take just the console or all the wires back with it?

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  1. No , there is nothing wrong with it and if it was actually broken you’d contact sony and get it repaired

    how could you even prove the scratches were not made by you and even if they weren’t that’s cosmetic damage , not something warrantied by the manufacturer. put a decal on it or clean it with a bit of auto wax

  2. They might do as a good will gesture but they may ask you to prove that it was scratched at the point of sale your best bet is to go in and ask or call there customer service

    Good luck

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