Home Xbox Forum Why my parents dont buy me a xbox 360?

Why my parents dont buy me a xbox 360?


My parents dont buy me a xbox 360 and i am only 13 years old that i cant do job to make money it cost 1000 sr to buy a xbox 360 in my country and somehow i have 100 sr and it wont make any difference for them what should i do is it like i have to buy it on my own when i grew up?

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  1. It is easy to get a job at 13. Good ones include babysitting , gardening, dog walking , and if you’re into computers you can do things like scanning photos or installing software for people.

    Make a quick flyer on a computer and get some exercise delivering them around your neighbourhood.

    Often if you volunteer at shops ( eg. Pet shop) for about a month sometimes they can relise how great a worker you are for only a 13 year old and end up hiring you.

    If your parents are in a tough financial situation themselves , it is important to make a large contribution or show that you are willing to give them something valuable in return (for example Dishes everyday ).

    Having a garage sale for your old stuff or selling things on the Internet is always a great and easy way to earn money too.

    Never doubt yourself. Try and you will eventually get your Xbox.

    Trust me

  2. because they are smart, they know M$ will rip them off & they know they wont b buying a Xbox One in the future so u wont b able to continue ur profile, lol, IDK, ask them.

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