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why is it i can watch telly i’m fine i play xbox or ps2 n i feel sick n give me headache?



  1. you might need glasses , have you had your eyes tested?

    for some people their eyes can’t adjust focus fast enough to watch moving images on games or 3D images ( 10% of the population ) but for many of them getting glasses can help

    it also can help to avoind first person games unless the size of the levels is large and there are a lot of variation in colors , getting motion sickness from games happens more often when the game is a first person perspective and the level design is mostly hallways and darker colors like blaks n greys and browns and on the older consoles it is worse than on the new ones like ps3 and xbox 360 because they have more details , larger levels and more colors

    I used to get motion sickness trying to play medal of honor frontlines on ps2 but on ps3 I have no problem playing similar games.

  2. dont need glasses been checked i read up it could be motion sickness as im the same in rides too im going to doctersit suck not being able play xbox with me son

  3. Some people are just sensitive to the movement of video games. My friend is like you, she can watch tv and movies just fine, but the quick movements of certain video games make her a little motion sick. If the game is slow moving, she’s okay, but if the camera angle changes fairly fast, then she gets a headache or gets a little nauseous.

    When I got Mario Kart 8, she wanted to play it so bad that she popped some Dramamine (an over the counter pill for motion sickness) and seemed to be okay while playing it with me. I wouldn’t advise doing that all the time, though.

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