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Why does my PS3 stop at 99% when updating from a USB stick?


My PS3 randomly came up black one day and said please plug in the controller with a USB cable I did and then it said that I need to connect storage media with update 4.31 or later, so I did. I followed the on screen instructions and eventually it said installing then a percentage. But, it keeps stoping at 99%, I left it like this for a week and still nothing. So, I tried to turn it off by the power button but that didn’t work so I pulled it out by the plug. (I know you shouldn’t, but what else could I do?) Now, no matter how you turn it on, in safe mode or any way else it comes up installing and then gets stuck at 99%. Why does it keep doing this?

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  1. redownload the update, or format your USB drive and start over.

    Usually this happens when the update is corrupt.

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