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Why cant i play any games on my ps3?


the other day i was playing guitar hero for a while then i got tired of it so i put in another game. well now my ps3 wont play any of my games i don’t know why. the games r clean nothing happened to my ps3 can it be that its not going to work anymore? i insert the game but it never loads has anyone had this happen to them? help

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  1. if so go to ps3store and go to add on, there will be something called ps2 software renewal but it is also used for ps3.

  2. I had the same problem you should send it to these guys in Salem, MA. I had them repair mine for $180, they put in a new motor and a laser!

  3. Sounds like the laser is dead, I’d say call Sony for more info/insight what the problem could be


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