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Whats better the 360 or ps3?


Including proformance,graphics, and gameplay. Leave good comments and thanks.

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  1. Well just simply read what the 360 has to offer vs what the PS3 has to offer. The fame has gone to the 360 for a while because of the 600 price on the PS3. The PS3 has much more to offer hardware wise than the 360 Free PSnetwork, durability, extreemly low failure rate. the graphics are a bit better than the 360. Blu Ray player is one of the coolest things about the PS3. If you buy the 360 you have to buy other accesories to go along with it, with the PS3 if you get the bundle everything comes with it including a game. PS has great titles coming out this fall and winter. The PS Home will be a dominant force in online community gaming.

    Go to Wikipeda and check it out for yourself the research is really fun to discover

    In all of these post that you read you will see people say get the 360 because it has Halo or GOW or they have more games. Its not all about the games you have its about what kind of quality you want and weather or not they have the type of games that YOU want to play

    You wont hardly see anything about 360 console being better than the PS3 all your gonna hear is that they have more games.

  2. Performance – PS3. Have you even heard of the Red Ring Of Death? I mean, Theres even BOOKS ON IT!

    Graphics – PS3. Nuff said.

    Gameplay – PS3 & xbox 360. I mean they both have good games.

    Overall – PS3.

  3. you will get more ps3 reponse for posting in a playstation category

    but i would say xbox 360 cuz it has gears of war 2 coming out. and if playstation 3 have gears of war 2 then i would say ps3.

    i got both consoles.

  4. well the ps3 is considered a super computer and its processor is also used to track the U.S. weapons(if u don’t believe me check cnet). developers are now tapping to the ps3’s power which u can see from its superior graphics.

    ps3 games such as metal gear solid and gt5 prologue cant possibally work on a 360. eg metal gear solid 4 took up almost all the 50gb of the blue ray disk. that means it will take 7 360 game disk to hold mgs 4 since a 360 disk holds 7gb. and sony is working on a 250 gb blue ray disk, thats is more than the 360’s hard drive. GTA4 needed 2 disks to run on the 360 and it freezed alot, that is because the 360’s processer cant handle all the power. Gta4 on the ps3 ran seamelessly on one ps3 disk!!

  5. 360 because the ps3 has boring games (well most of them) and i perter the xbox360 because it has computer graphics even better then the computer and lots of the games are for the computer so if you already played it on the computer you know it will be a good game

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