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Warhawk (PS3) MP Gameplay


Warhawk (PS3) MP Gameplay


  1. I remember being younger and thinking like "Yep this is the pinnacle of graphics itll never get better than this."

  2. ya un jeu qui et pareil que lui sauf c monstre contre militaire svp dite moi le nom de de jeu si vous savez

  3. and BTW bro I subbed to you, and dude you deserve more subs your content is awesome and I love it I will share every video to everyone I know and I will tell them to subscribe to your channel

  4. okay here's the story I was at Walmart and I wanted to buy a game so I chose watchdogs (gross) and my dad says "hey why don't you get this game" and it was warhawk and I said no I want to play this and so we went home after we bought watchdogs and I started playing it and a couple weeks down the road I'm bored with watchdogs and I think its a piece of trash and then I think back to when I first bought it and realized "dang if I knew this was gonna be crap I should've gotten the other game" and so to this day I've been begging my dad to take me to Walmart to get warhawk and all I could think about right now is that game.

  5. I totally sucked at WarHawk but had a great time playing it. I'd still be playing it now if my PS3 weren't back in Texas!

  6. Surprised this game is still alive and well. There aren't as many servers these days but the community still lives on. Do you think they will ever give us news about the game shutting down?

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