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Virtua Tennis 2009 Gameplay HD


Virtua Tennis 2009 Gameplay HD

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  1. Gametag xbox 360: adn1pp

    for anyone who wants to challenge me.. in virtua tennis 2009. 😉
    Arriba deje mi gametag para quien me quiera desafiar en virtua tennis 2009 😉

  2. one ting that is stupid about thiassa game is when you have to take  one or two steps to reach the ball tohit it. just because you have to move a couple of steps to hit the ball should not hinder your ability to hit it. i mean seriously i take two steps to the right or left of the court and asauddenly im off balance and cant hit the ball verry hard or with a decent groundstroke. in real life just coz you have to move a few steps to hit the ball dos not mean you cant hit it with any pace.

    also one more thing how dos a player hit groundstrokes faster than a 135mph servve ? i mean seriously. there are so many things wrong with this game.however its still faIirly fun to play i guess. but the topspin series is more realistic ad more like tennis in real life in my opinion.

  3. @igorabf true topspin is better but the best topspin of all time is topspin 2 for sure. Idk why but the physics seem to be better. I just dont seem to understand the timing of when to hit the ball in topspin 3. Any advice?

  4. What and Improvement over the first tennis games on the commodore Pet 2001. Save to my tennis play list and will publish on my Cultural Health News blog at some point.

  5. I'm going to be honest, Sega set the bar waaay high with Tennis2k for dreamcast. That has to be the perfect tennis game as far as gameplay. The graphics improved on VT3 but the gameplay is just waay too stiff for me. It flowed WAY better in the VT2 imo. The men line up is hot, but they took Serena out (big no no!). Also in Tennis2K there is a noticable difference in the way each player plays…I didnt get that too much with VT3. Segar hire back the producers of Tennis2k and fix this ASAP! LOL

  6. Haha, I'm not saying the Nintendo 64 wasn't a great console, but it didn't have the most amazing graphics in the world, did it?

    Secondly, there is no way this is better than Top Spin 3 in terms of graphics and realism.

  7. Top Spin 3 is 500x better than this shit. Much more realistic, this game just looks like a bloody Nintendo 64 game, they move like robots, the way they hit the ball…

  8. I was looking at buying this game but it just looks excately like VT3 with better graphics. SHAME ON YOU SEGA

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