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Uncharted Waters Online Gameplay – First Look HD


Uncharted Waters Online Gameplay - First Look HD


  1. I feel bad for Koei, they really tried to give this game a good push in the West, but money hungry companies keep taking it. It saddens me because initially this game was one of the best games I ever played, just loved the feeling of being on the high seas and trying to find things to occupy the time of the long voyages. IT was work, but when you got back to Europe with a hull full of Japanese stuff and made bank it was worth it.

  2. Play this game at your own risk. The management is corrupt and hired a
    player to be a GM (GM Coolwind is the player SaulCaine). He is still banning people that his player character
    is enemies with. Not only that but it looks like OGP's contract will
    expire soon and the developer (KOEI) wants to find another company to
    host the game. In other words the game's future is uncertain at this
    point in time.

  3. It's a MMO. Like all MMO's it's designed for shitty gamers who can't compete against real gamers. There's no skill needed in this game just lots and lots of time. Everything after the tutorials is repetitious shit. If I want make discoveries, I'll do it in the real world. MMO's suck! Thank you.

  4. There are other nations in the game, play the game first and then complain. The video only shows you less than 10% of the whole game and soon it will be less than 5%

  5. I would advise staying clear of this game. Ever since it was sold to OGPlanet it has become very corrupt. This is due to OGP having no idea how the game works and out of desperation they hired a player to become a GM at their Vancouver Canada headquarters. SaulCaine is GM Coolwind. Since then he has encouraged the developers to mold the game around his personal desires. This has destroyed a great deal of the PVP content. There is a good reason the rule of all MMO's is never let a player be a GM on the server they play on.

  6. wtf ! the nations in this game sucks !! i thought i was going to find the ottoman empire , the safavid empire or the mughal empire but i found : spain,france,portugal,england and holland ?? wtf this game is shit !

  7. This game is very fun and has great community. Partly thanks to GMs banning the immature motherfuckers.

  8. This game is utter, juvenile shite, and your commentary sir, is as garbled and unintelligible as the tutorial in the game. Slow down a little and lay off the marching powder.

  9. Are the GMs really horrible like i see here in comment section? if so then theres no point in trying this game if kids are running it.

  10. What the fuck is this game ? Uncharted Waters – Horizons was my all time favorite games, and they making shitty re-fucking-make ? People who gaming in late 90 will agree with me.

  11. What's up with this one guy going through the trouble of creating multiple accounts to diss the game? If you are interested in the game, don't worry. This guy says people called him a troll and they were right, apparently. Take it from someone like me, there aren't any racist GMs on UWO. Otherwise, they wouldn't be GMs lol. Also, I'm level 45 adventure in the game which is kinda difficult to reach and I haven't payed one cent in this game. This is NOT a pay to win game, by any means. If you need any assistance in-game when starting out, my UWO IGN is Jumpman98.

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