Home Videos Ultimate Gaming System  (PS3-WiiU-Xbox360) – Part 3 Finale

Ultimate Gaming System  (PS3-WiiU-Xbox360) – Part 3 Finale


Ben builds a custom case for the Ultimate Combo Gaming System. After completing the project, he shows the combo system in action.

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Ultimate Gaming System  (PS3-WiiU-Xbox360) -  Part 3 Finale


  1. Should have used normal slim ps3 for not only better quality parts but super slim is top loader and other two consoles are front loaders 🙂

  2. the heat from that 360 is gona heat up everything in that case, should have put 360 on top and swap the ps3 drive location with 360 drive, ps3 bottom with its rear exhaust ports and the cool wii u in middle. or make the 360 vertical so fan blows heat out one of the sides, ps3 on top and wii u on bottom, case would be more square but very cool.

  3. Nice. I've been bitten by the bug also. love the show and love element 14. just found this show and I think it will help me on the job where visitors have to repair modules. thanks again.

  4. You should do it again with the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and, Xbox one or the newer Xbox and PS5 or whatever.

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