Home Videos Turtle Beach XO Seven Unboxing: Xbox One

Turtle Beach XO Seven Unboxing: Xbox One


Turtle Beach XO Seven Headset Unboxing


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Turtle Beach XO Seven Unboxing: Xbox One


  1. POS, don't buy. Took mine right back, my old x12's are still much better, and they're amplified also, cost less than half of the XO. Same with the Z60's.
    Aaand, like my batteries don't drain fast enough as it is. Suuper disappointing from Turtle beach.

  2. I'm about to buy a xbox one. and I just want to ask is the chat headset that come with the console good with online/live gameplays?

  3. Ok people, i'm having a really hard time deciding, so could you please tell me: What is the best XB1 Gaming Headset for under 200 bucks? I have NO IDEA, i cant decide, im serious.

  4. some reviewers like critics some dont. This seemed like your first ever turtle beach review, welcome to the gaming industry! Maybe look the product up some figure out what some of the symbols are. lots of uh and umms. seemed clueless though about it. I mean a 12 y.o. could probably do better, who has problems plugging a mic in or trying to figure out the word for sticker…ummm (LOL)

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