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Turtle Beach Earforce PX21 PS3 headset? Worth it?


I’m looking for a gaming headset (Turtle Beach quality) for around 70-80 bucks. I was just wondering for those who own the Earforce PX21 how is it? Is it worth the pricetag, and if not can you direct me to other headsets on the same level, for a similar pricetag?

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  1. I own the Turtle Beach PX21 and it is definitely worth the price tag. Not only does it sound really good and is very comfortable, but it’s also durable too. I have not had a single problem with my PX21 and I’ve owned it for about 6 months now. Between me and my brother, we use it every single day.

    There are no other headsets on the market that even come close to the overall sound quality and features that the PX21 has. Definitely stick with Turtle Beach.

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