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Trackmania Turbo Review


Trackmania Turbo Review

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  1. trackmania turbo is probably the most fun i had with anygame this year. its strength lays in its local multiplayer. its probably the strongest game that came out this generation that plays with more than one controller with someone else. ive had the game for six/seven months and i just made my 100th track last week. I play my brother in this game 2 or 3 times a week.

  2. still prefer track mania united. basically the same game but way less demanding. and there's the free version, track mania nations, which has the stadium course (the best one) entirely for free.

    i also don't like how they sold the stages separately before as track mania 2 stadium and canyon, and are asking me to buy it again in a complete package

  3. To me, as a former trackmania player < heck even my yt image shows a car from TM forever, this was a bit disappointing. But then again it could be just me. I liked the graphics, the four game modes, the easy to figure out-hard to master handling, and I liked that it is actually possible to race split screen with collisions ON.

    Now for the bad side. I hate when features that existed in previous installments get removed.. you can no longer have custom vehicle models, and also can no longer paint the car on your own, instead you get to unlock liveries as you earn gold medals. Hotseat mode which was my fave to play with my friends, got butchered. You can no longer set it up, all you can do is choose the mode (regular or double driver) a track, and a number of players. That's it. No longer can you pick players through profiles and have them race with THEIR vehicles, it's always like this: player #1 is blue, player #2 is red, Player #3 is green and so on.. you can't even choose a COLOR at least.. if you're playing 2 players, you'll always be red and blue – and blue will always go first. Secondly, you can't choose the race type, like "timed" or "tries". It's set to "timed" always, thanks for taking that freedom of choice away. And last but not least, if you wanted an 8 player race, you can only see ~4 ghosts at the time. I looked the config file and couldn't change that value, like i could in previous installments, but that's just sad.

    Aside from all that, it's just regular trackmania. Would only recommend it to those looking for multiplayer races.

  4. I bought this game impulsively cause I wanted a racing game, but its just a solo "beat the clock" game. I feel it was kind of false advertising as there is like 2-3 images on the game cover that clearly show 6 people on the same tracing racing. even though in retrospect, those are obviously just "ghosts" of other cars. im not saying its a bad game but I still feel kind of ripped off.

  5. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, NO!" Hey, glad to see a mainstream reviewing group use humor in one of their reviews.

  6. Its impossible! Alright this games is just impossible! I've never been more stuck on a game before

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