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Top 10: Exclusive PS4 Games


Today, we’re looking at the Top 10: PS4 video games exclusive to the Sony Playstation 4. Which PS4 video games are your favorite currently? TGN Partner, David take s a look at 10 great games exclusive to the PS4 so far!

Voiced By TGN Partner, David Brown:

Written By: Raj Mahil

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Top 10: Exclusive PS4 Games

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  1. besides from number one the games you said looked good didn't really have good graphics in my opinion

  2. realmente sony no ofrece nada. no tiene variedad de generos. y lo juegos que vienen son muy parecidos entre si

  3. Most of the games on this lista aren't really ps4 exclusives, so please make the appropriate corrections

  4. lol i see a few people are not so interested in the list. completely forgot that 99% of the games we play these days are just updated versions of games we've always been playing lol. stupid gamers, ill take a few hack & slash games over a FPS any day. welcome to the new standard of gaming.

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