Home Videos This $50 Xbox Controller Is Almost As Good As The Elite

This $50 Xbox Controller Is Almost As Good As The Elite


This  Xbox Controller Is Almost As Good As The Elite

Minecraft Xbox - Good Games [225]

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  1. so he has an elite controller doesnt use the back padles, true gamer for sure, why not use a nes controller then

  2. I went to gamestop and held one. Everything they are saying is true. It is very light and feels kinda cheap. It also doesn't look very good.

  3. since were talking about the people in the video and not the product being reviewed,

    he really has a big nose and long fingers,

  4. Looks like a GameCube controller? It looks nothing like a GameCube controller. she has never seen one.

  5. I got this controller at Best Buy, used it for my Windows 10 PC and on the 3rd week of using it the A button stuck down and would not work anymore. (I never abused the controller or anything, just calm everyday gaming) So I had to return it 🙁 Then I got myself a regular Xbox One Controller. (Overall just don't buy this Power A controller it's a waste a money and time).

  6. I've been looking for controllers lately and this controller might be the one for me to use in fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

  7. This controller is would be awesome but it has massive delay on multi button functions for instance Left trigger+X it has a delay if you press it too fast you have to be firm and for competitive it gets really annoying when that 1 second needs to count

  8. The problem with the Xbox Elite controller is that there's little Quality Control. Drift, sticking, jiggling sticks, broken bumpers, etc.

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