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Tell me what you think?


I think the xbox 360 is the best game system.

so what if it doesnt have blueray or realy big discs.

who cares about the rrod it does have a 3 year warrenty and you can get it fixed.

why is it the best.


achivments and the greatest games ever the best online ( who cares is you have to pay for it) it simply is microsofts masterpiece. i mean dont get me wrong PS3 rocks hard but 360 is beter.

tell me what you think.

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  1. PS3 is the better graphics, but more expensive. Wii is cheaper, and more family-oriented, but not really for serious gamers. XBox 360 is the best balance of the three. reasonably priced, good family fun games, and also great serious gamer games with awesome graphics. Oh yeah, and Halo3 of course!

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