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Supreme Commander 2 Review


Supreme Commander 2 Review

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  1. I like to play illuminate and go for nukes. then when I have nukes I build planes and identify where the enemy ACU is then I nuke it's position. it's like looking at a super nova

  2. "this is for REEL MEN"
    "Then what are you doin here"

  3. This game is actually REALLY GOOD! But it's just not Supreme Commander, that's why it gets all the hate.

  4. supreme commander is awesome because its what happens when in command and conquer you have thousands of troops

  5. How are you people so naive that you don't even talk about the million glitches in this game ? I would know I have used them many a time to curb stomp newbies. The first game is much better and it is on Xbox you just gotta look for it. SC1 is prob one of my favorite strategy games of all time !

  6. I always watch the shitty reviews first like ign before I go and watch a real review that way I can know whats up

  7. – BORING CAMPAIGN huh? B/ My 25 bucks for XBL Gold to anyone who finds that at the end of any IGN Call of Duty review

  8. I love games like this.. Hard to find on Xbox 360.. Xbox Live Gold ya! Can not wait to download this baby.. If any one knows about another game like this on Xbox 360 let me know..

  9. So IGN is just gonna tell everybody it's not a fun game and u shouldn't play it… Another great review by IGN!

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