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Spelunker NES / Famicom – Speed Run


Spelunker NES / Famicom - Speed Run

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  1. Hey man I love ur vids and I just hit 240 in under a month so it would mean a lot if u sub and go check out m channel

  2. Hahahha. Motherfucker.

    I literally just stopped playing the game 5 minutes ago… At the point in which I lost my last life right before that small temple at the very end… I didn't know that was the last level even… As a kid I never got passed the first area. Just now I finally got how to play the game, and I didn't even realize I was 5 seconds away from beating it (i slipped off the last ladder).

  3. Really well played. The slightest misstep in this game ends in a lost player life. You make this game look easy. Great job and thanks> I never managed to get this far.

  4. Please can someone recommend a game similar to Spelunker, for the PC?  I've tried Spelunky, but I didn't like it much because the levels were randomly generated, and seemed to lack the "care and attention" put in to the level design seen in Spelunker.  Thanks a lot.

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