Home Xbox Forum should i wait for the xbox 720 or buy the 360?

should i wait for the xbox 720 or buy the 360?


hey all

i’m confused actually that if i wait for the new xbox 720 or just buy the 360?

please help me and please don’t tell me to buy a ps3

and is november 2013 the real release date for xbox 720?

thank you so much

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  1. you should wait for the 720. coz when the 720 is released no one will look back at the 360.

  2. The Xbox 720 is not even confirmed on any specs. There is no info out whatsoever. Wait for Microsoft to announce it. They most likely will announce it at E3, which is somewhere between April and July. Once all the specs and info are out (ex. The Kinect 2.0) then you can make your decision, or maybe re ask your question. There just isn’t enough info to make a decision yet.


    Can you answer my two questions?

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  3. NOOOOOO don’t get ANY game system until the PS4 and 720 are actually released. Seriously, don’t waste money and look like an idiot

    But if I were you, when the time comes, get the PS4, not the 720. It will be better

  4. I’m suspecting the Xbox 720 will be released in the October or November of 2014 since we don’t really know much about the 720 only thing’s we really do know is that its going to possibly not be backwards compatible, we do know its going to have a Blu-ray reader and some kind of reflection vision that like covers your whole room in the pictures, like the walls and the floor.

    Other than that no real release date i would buy a cheap Xbox 360 and a couple of games to just tide the edge over until its release

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