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Should I get a headset? (Xbox Live)?


I really like playing Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox Live and I know that tons of people have headsets to communicate and to have better audio.

How helpful are the headsets? Do they improve the audio quality at all?

Also, my mom doesn’t want me to get a pair. She thinks it would be a waste of money and she thinks that all that people say is bad words.

Would you recommend me getting a pair? And if so, what kind? I hear Turtle Beaches are awesome (and they can be used with computers), but they cost around 60 $. If I were to get one, should I get a cheap, fragile pair or expensive, durable pair?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Yeah get one but since you’re basically you still live with your mom and she still says they all say “bad words” then your probably have a low voice then don’t get one since you will just annoy the f*k out of the people you’re playing.

    Oh yeah and I had MW3 then I took an arrow to the knee

  2. Headsets are completely worth it. When using my “Turtle Beach x41s i hear which direction the enemy comes from, i can hear them reload, and just overall audio quality is better. also, you can communicate with your team for an easier win 🙂

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