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Should I buy Xbox 360 Microsoft Points now or wait?


I recently bought Xbox Live after about 3 years of owning Halo: 3 ( T_T ). There are tones of maps you can buy with Microsoft Points. I also pre-ordered Halo REACH so should I buy m-points now for Halo 3 or wait for some DLC content for Halo REach?

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  1. By the time the new halo reach maps are out, it will be after christmas, you will have microsoft points by then proably.

  2. If you buy halo 3 odst you get two discs. One is the game odst and one is an online matchmaking disc with evey map from halo 3

  3. lol well i got xbox live as soon as i got the xbox (about a week later i mean) and there are several games i didn’t play multiplayer on until a year later. lol idk why. i think i tried and couldn’t connect to any games or something. but i’m not a big fan of Halo though. I played Halo 3 and i think Halo 1. but honestly didn’t like them to much but Halo Reach looks very promising. although it will take a while for DLC’s to come out so you got plenty of time to get more microsoft points. so buy whatever you want now, save up, or wait it doesn’t matter. If you buy stuff now then just get more because you got time. unless you don’t make alot of money then i would wait for Halo Reach. I hope i helped

  4. Buy them for halo 3,but dont spend all of them. Spend some,and save some for halo reach.When dlc contect releases on reach,just add a little more MS points on the ones u have and there you go 😉

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