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Should I buy Red Dead Redemption on xbox?


I was thinking of buying it, but ive only seen the trailers and gameplay on youtube and it looked pretty cool. I’m a 16 year old girl but i tend to like adventure sort of games. So yeah im a wierd girl 🙂 Does it have a decent length and storyline? Im only just getting an xbox because my cousins forced me to play hers and now im obssessed! Thanks!!

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  1. Definitely, I’ve played LA Noire, Assassins Creed, Arkham City and many more big games but red dead is the best I’ve ever played! The storyline is great and really long without getting boring, great characters, amazing gameplay, really free and open, just brilliant 😀 Definitely worth the buy and also has a great add on called Undead Nightmare to play once you finish the actual story, plus you can get it pretty cheap on amazon or ebay! 😀

  2. yes. It’s a great game. I bought it earlier this week for $30. It had all the DLC. i would recommend getting the Game of the Year Edition, if you can

  3. honestly, RDR is my all time favourite game 😀 I generally like open-world/sandbox games which can be completed at any time. It is truly amazing. The storyline is fantastic and moving. The missions are as hard as you make them and you really get emotionally attached to the main protagonist (John Marston) as he searches for his family. Also, the soundtrack and world (setting) is breathtaking. I’m a 15 year old girl and played it when I was 13. although it has a lot of bugs/glitches, it well worth the money. I would also recommend buying the undead nightmare sequel after playing (you will know why when you finish it). most importantly-HAVE FUN!!

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