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questions about an xbox 360?


my sister gave me her old xbox 360, the box says it has a 250gb capacity but when i checked the system, it only has 30 gb of memory left. ive deleted all of the saved games on it but the other 220gb of used data looks important (xbox upgrades of some sort). is it ok if i delete this? and how many gb would a typical game be? lets say gta4, is that over 10gb? thx in advance

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  1. Your deleting saves? 220gb of important updates that seems wrong try to delete any full installed games. A normal game that you buy from direct download off the market place is about 15 Gb. So try to clear as much as possible. Updates should not be more than 15mb a pop.

  2. Xbox updates would not take up 220gb of data! If you delete these then when you connect your Xbox to the Internet it will make you download some updates, but only the most recent ones that will make the Xbox run better and at he most all of the updates should only take up 1 or 2 GB

  3. You may have to format the device.

    here is how to do that: [url is not allowed]

    just follow what it says and when it is all done you can set it back up like it was a brand new system.

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