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Question about ps4?


I have a ps3 and am thinking about getting a ps4, but if you get a ps4 I know that you can log into your account and get your trophies and friends ( you can only chat with the ones who use ps3 ) but could you also be able to transfer your gamedata? for example so that you can continue where you left off on watch dogs or call of duty? and also what about your old messages on your ps3? will they show up? please don’t guess but give me a good answer.

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  1. The ps3 game data isn’t compatible with the ps4 and even if a game is released on both consoles, you can’t use one’s saved data for the other.

    As for the messages, they also aren’t transferred since the ps4 has a whole new messaging system. But after signing into a ps4, new received messages are shown in both console.

    My recommendation is to get a ps4 if you care about playing new and up-to-date games, cause as we can see, new games are already being developed for new-gen systems only.

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