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PShome where for art thou?


I’m getting a little cranky now waiting for home. I’ve just gone to 2.30 and it’s still no-where to be seen although the new store is nice. Now they have to make a concerted effort to upload a load of stuff on it. We need it like xboxlive, they have doom and pacman, I also want to play doom online through my ps3. Come on Sony, there’s only so much my paitence can take!

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  1. Well, no one expected HOME to be included in the 2.30 update because that update was for the new Playstation Store.

    Even though HOME has a release date for this Spring, I don’t think that it will come out until around July near the time for E3 2008, and on IGN.com, they have the release date for HOME Q3 2008 (July- September)

  2. Home issue is annoying. So many delays, unbelievable. Now they say, that it’ll be released somewhere in 3rd quarter of 2008. 🙁

  3. ps3 home is comming out in Q3 which is around september >:( its pissing me off to its took them like 2 years allmost

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