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PS4 PRO vs PS4 Slim Hardware Comparison


We disassemble the PS4 PRO and the PS4 Slim and compare each piece of hardware.
We start with the motherboard comparison, then we compare the hard drives, power supplies, disc drives, and cooling systems.
We then talk specs for a while and give some pros and cons to buying the PS4 Pro vs the PS4 slim.
While each console is great is certain areas the PS4 PRO is a much better choice for serious gamers and the PS4 slim is the best choice for not so serious gamers.

PS4 PRO vs PS4 Slim Hardware Comparison

Greg and Scott show you how to switch out the PS4’s 500GB hard drive with a bigger and/or faster one.

How to Upgrade a PS4 Hard Drive - IGN Strategize

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  1. Just get a ps4 slim, even with the bells and whistles of pro, with or without a 4k monitor or 4k tv, the tech inside the unit was outdated by PC basic hardware 4+ years ago.
    If you go with the slim you save about $200+ (depending on sales and taxes). With that money saved you can get some great "exclusives" , that are not available on any system.
    The VR is first generation even if you want to go that route which has latency with the motion controllers that was recycled from the ps3 era (5+ years ago). Who wants to play with a delay in critical moments in a game! That just leads to rages.
    Go with the slim enjoy the moment before you get backlog with the ton of exclusives coming out.

  2. I bought the slim a month before the Pro came out because it was cheaper, it's also my first Sony system. Came with Uncharted 4 and fits well in the keyboard drawer under my desk. I also don't have a 4K display, which costs you allot more money for sure, and have also been told that the Pro doesn't even run all games at true 4K. So without a 4K display, getting the Pro is a larger cost, possibly being impractical too. I game almost everyday on my slim and it works great. It is a slight downside not having the SATA 3 compatibility and extra USB port though, since Sony will soon be releasing a firmware patch to support an external HD.

  3. Can someone please tell me if the Power Supply in PS4 Slim is from 100 to 240 Volts? I have an european model and ain´t sure wether i can simply use it in in the US or not. Thanks!

  4. Thank god for this vid. I'm a working person so having PS 4 Slim really suitable as I only play JRPG. 300USD well-spent 🙂

  5. Amongst all the videos for comparison, this is the best one I have seen Mate! good work, you explained really well. thanks

  6. hey, i just wanna ask if it's possible to install the copper heatsink in my ps4 slim and ps4 first version.

  7. Just discovered your channels your teardowns are super detailed and thank you.Keep it up
    By your video i was able to change my ps4 thermal correctly

  8. It boggles my mind why Sony wouldn't install an optical output on the PS Slim. I would never buy one because of that. Gotta have digital quality sound. Not just for games, but movies, too. I wonder what they were thinking?

  9. Great video! Just preference wise Sony could of abandoned the Blu-ray disc drive considering "Disc" are obsolete in my opinion. This is the Digital age weather people like it or not.

  10. Very interesting. The pro is cool from a hardware perspective, but put me in the bracket where I get the same value out of a slim. It's quiet, it fits in my backpack and it plays PS4 games on full HD.

  11. Steve you do a great job on your videos, clean and simple and to the point. This video convinced me to get the pro vs the slim.

  12. what can the size of the disk be(bot talking about height) and can the disk size be smaller than needed also can the disk be smaller than 9.5 in terms of height

  13. Will your saved games and stuff that you have on the PS4 before you switch them out still be saved or will you have to download everything again?

  14. OK I need help. I upgraded my hard drive to a 2TB. I followed everything you did and my PS4 is not working right

  15. I need way more than 2tb I have a 3tb external drive for my Xbox one and it's almost filled up and I don't even have half the games I wish to own yet

  16. I understood everything except the software update on the usb part. Do we have to get it to update it or can it update without it?

  17. Ummm I can't unscrew the screw securing the hard drive tray it just won't come out. I keep screwing it but it's not tightening nor coming out. Halp

  18. can some one help, when i try installing it onto the ps4 it says that this file cannot be used but i dont know what to do

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