Home Videos PS4 day one : Defective on arrival

PS4 day one : Defective on arrival


PS4 day one : Defective on arrival

Days Gone - E3 2016 Gameplay Demo | PS4

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  1. I hope you still enjoy gaming @CrowbCat because if you don't I could understand from you editing these videos. Not hating, just concerned you've given up on gaming.

  2. am i the only one really anoyed by the really poor organized setups ans the people that make the console all dirty after a few seconds?

  3. fucking pc pests in the comment section boasting about their pcs,if people enjoy playing games on their ps4 or Xbox one.You don't need to start a fucking war over which console is better

  4. These are not defective. I bought GTA 5 Bundle after 1 year and the problem here is power adapter. They cant plug it right so the ps4 will crash. These are dumb americans

  5. this be a even better game if there was co-op like 2-4 players kinda thing, but i think this game be best for 2 players

  6. Wow, this looks pretty good, if only it were gonna be on PC (Master Race) then I would buy it. Too bad you hate us.

  7. XB scorpio launch game…Ps4 pro would still keep up…can't friggin wait for this effin game!!

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