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Project Gotham Racing 4 Gameplay (XBOX 360 HD)


Project Gotham Racing 4 Gameplay (XBOX 360 HD)


  1. BEST multyplayer racing game ever if you like arcade style! Why didnt they used the same physics for Forza 6 or Horizon? Its the same developer

  2. Great game. Doesn't look it's age. Gutted this isn't backward compatible on the Xbox one 🙁

  3. PGR4 is a fun racer with a lopsided difficulty. Easy feels too easy and normal difficulty feels like hard.

  4. This is why people say PS4 graphics are like last gen lol THIS LOOKS AS GOOD GRAPHICALLY AS MOST PS4 GAMES LMAO

  5. This game along with Forza 2&4, horizon 1, gt 4 has the best car quality in cars. After gt 4 the series is good but went downhill a lil.

  6. PGR4 is still a great game, i play it now and again today on my 360 and i love it now just as much as ever. I don't get how people diss Driveclub. Driveclub is an excellent game and i love playing it (i am playing it tonight). I miss PGR too but i still enjoy other racing games.

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